Contact Us

The best way to contact us with detailed questions about our farming operation is by e-mail.
Or you can just type your question in below.

The best way to find out about last minute updates is by our phone message machine.
Message machine (530) 750 – 0451.
We will change the phone message frequently when we are open and it will answer such questions as:
Are you closed because of rain or mud?
Are you closed because everybody else picked all the ripe fruit yesterday?
Do you still have cherries?
What is available for picking today?
You can also leave a message on this machine, but you have to leave your phone number because our vintage answering machine does not capture your number automatically.

If you are desperate to get ahold of us, you can try Katie’s cell phone number. She might answer it — but she might be in the middle of some grungy farm task (like mucking out the pig sty). This will make her distracted and perhaps a bit grumpy. (Please forgive her…)

Katie’s cell phone: (530) 219 – 0634

Text messages are pretty much useless right now, since it is well- nigh impossible for us to stop work, remove gloves, wipe sweat, get out glasses and try to respond in any reasonable length of time.

By Mail: Send us bills (or things more encouraging…) to
Impossible Acres, 26565 County Road 97D, Davis, CA, 95616

We look forward to hearing from you!
Clyde and Katie Kelly, Impossible Acres

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