FAQ’s and Comments

Howdy, all you curious folk,
Here is some information about COVID for October of 2020:

  1. Please bring masks and plan to wear them if you are close to other families, for example, while waiting in line or while visiting the animals.  If you are alone in the pumpkin patches, you can make your own decision.
  2. Please try to stay 6 ft. away from strangers.
  3. Help children remember keep their hands away from their faces and eyes.
  4. Please bring  hand sanitizer to carry with you.  You can also use the bottles of sanitizer and the hand-washing stations sprinkled around the farm.
  5. The whole farm is out doors with plenty of fresh air. We have enlarged the Grandpa’s Barn area and the locations for the other sheds to give us plenty of room to spread out.
  6.  Please be nice!  Everybody has unique situations. Some may need to take extra precautions due to pre-existing conditions or because of  jobs in health care or because of susceptible family members.  Some may not be able to wear masks for psychological or allergic reasons.  So please… be kind to each other.
  7. We are considered an “essential business” as well as “outdoor recreation”, so we are in the least restricted categories, as far as Yolo County is concerned.

We’ll update this with more COVID information if the need arises.

Need more information?
Send us an e-mail. Mosey on over to the Contact Us page.

Q: How do I get ahold of your e-mail address?.

A: Cluck on the CONTACT US tab above.

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